Christian learning/bible study/believe in Jesus! Jesus(Grace)!


To believe in Jesus by Christian learning and bible study to discover more that Jesus was God’s Grace for us.


In the Photo below is the sun setting or is it rising?

What day of the week or month or year is it?

















The New Testament “Gospels” are stories of Love. God's love of the world and for us Humans.


Nowhere do we see the love of GOD ALMIGHTY more active than in JESUS CHRIST (Grace).


  For those "Globally" reading this: Of course we know there are many religious types of studies, beside the "Holly Bible" which we do respect.


This website is mostly dedicated to the "Holy Bible" for now.



 Let us all Not Forget:

    JESUS CHRIST offered to die for you!



 Jesus Christ died for your sins (soul)


We cannot for certain really know all the answers. This is how Faith works: there can be more and more questions yet we Believers know the Beauty of what we see or not without needing to question.

“Our Mission Goal"

To promote the social welfare for all people "GLOBALLY"

(That is to promote in a contemplative way the common good  and general welfare for all people).

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