believe in Jesus, Christian learning, bible study in Jesus Name!


Most known name in Christian learning or bible study is ???


simply Jesus, so take the time to believe in Jesus.

You should stop thinking You only control everything!

For if You did You would Not Have been reading this, Please understand to believe in Jesus.


For those that are lost, it is time right now for you to pray and ask Jesus Christ to save you from your sin(s) and ask what can You do for Him to make your Life and others around you better


                      BELIEVERS (obedient) FOR (unto) JESUS (agape love)


We have an unquestioning belief, which does not require proof or evidence, that in obedience for JESUS namesake we are humble helpers in the cause for contemplative awareness in every human being’s eternal Higher Power.


Stop Hating start Loving.

  Stop Hitting start Hugging.


Stop doing Wrong and start doing Right.

  Stop frowning start smiling “Jesus Loves You!”.


“Our Mission Goal"

To promote the social welfare for all people "GLOBALLY"

(That is to promote in a contemplative way the common good  and general welfare for all people).

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